About CAM

Charutar Arogya Mandal (CAM), is an outcome of a dream cherished by late Dr HM Patel, a former Union Finance and Home Minister. He embarked on building an institution which he envisioned would fill the need long-felt, that for a faculty of Medicine, not many thought would succeed. But determined he was to succeed and went about his task with the same missionary zeal and enthusiasm that characterised much of his work in building Vallabh Vidyanagar. The result: an institution that has now grown to include a Medical Council of India recognised medical college, a 900-bed hospital, an institutue of post-graduate studies, a school of nursing, a college of physiotherapy, an insitute of medical technology, a cardiac centre and a cancer centre in its 100 acre, well developed, lush green campus. Under the able guidance of the former Chairman, Dr Amrita Patel, CAM has realised his vision: to offer comprehensive and personalised healthcare, delivered with commitment, compassion and at the most affordable cost to all those in need of it. It has become hospital policy not to deny treatment to even a single patient for the scarcity of funds. CAM is a registered society and a public trust established in the year 1972 that manages these institutions.


Today, in an era where the crass commercialisation has victimised the medical profession which should be lead by nothing but sensitivity towards humanity, nobility, moral responsibility and duty, CAM stands firm in its vision: to be a shining example of what the profession of medicine is supposed to be- noble, deeply rooted in providing solace to the suffering and continuously upgrading itself to serve the humanity.


The journey over the last three decades in creating and sustaining these institutions of excellence has been challenging. CAM’s medical centres do not charge any registration or consultation fee for outdoor consultations and medical advice. There is no charge for stay or diet in the general wards. They even offer substantial discounts in treatment cost to those living below the poverty line, senior citizens, women and children. The educational institutions do their share too, admitting students from economically disadvantaged families on scholarships, even for the MBBS course.


Shree Krishna Hospital, one of the CAM’s eight institutions, began as a 136-bed hospital. Its now ranked among Gujarat’s most professional healthcare centres. CAM also manages the Manibhai Shivabhai Patel Cancer Centre and the Bhanubhai & Madhuben Patel Cardiac Centre - Centres that have helped millions in their hour of need.


CAM focuses on education too, managing the Pramukhswami Medical College, where the underprivileged are given the chance to study medicine and realise their dreams. There is also the HM Patel Institute of Post Graduation Studies, KM Patel Institute of Physiotherapy, LP Patel Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology and GH Patel School of Nursing. In these, students CAM finds young, energetic ambassadors, ready to spearhead its vision.


It is CAM’s constant endeavour to innovate and deliver better healthcare to all!!