Governing Body

Charutar Arogya Mandal's policies are decided by the Governing Body headed by the Mandal's Chairman, Dr Amrita Patel, who is also the executive head of the Mandal. The Governing Body functions under the purview of the Governing Council, which is a wider body with representations from donors, sister institutions and members of the Mandal, in addition to the members of the Governing Body. Following are the members of the Governing Body:

Shri Jagrut Bhatt

Dr Utpala N Kharod

Shri Natubhai M Patel

Dr Chhotubhai L Patel

Shri Ashokbhai J Patel

Shri Thakorbhai C Patel

Shri Harshadbhai S Patel

Shri Prayasvinbhai B Patel

Shri Vikrambhai C Patel

Smt Dakshaben N Shah