The candidate desiring admission must possess recognized MBBS degree or equivalent qualification and should have obtained permanent Registration with the Medical Council of India, or the Gujarat State Medical Council or should obtain the same within one month from the date of his admission, failing which the admission of the candidate shall be cancelled.


Provided that in the case of a foreign national, s/he has obtained temporary registration from the Medical Council of India for the duration of the postgraduate training restricted to the Pramukhswami Medical College to which he is admitted for the time being exclusively for postgraduate studies.


The candidate would be required to attach himself to a postgraduate teacher of the college in the subject of his studies and work under him or them after registration for the period prescribed by the Regulations. The work done by him after registration only will be taken into account for the purpose of satisfying the requirements for admission to the examination as prescribed under the relevant Regulations.


The candidate would have to get himself registered by applying in the prescribed form for registration as postgraduate student of the Sardar Patel University. Within 1 month of admission the college will collect the registration fees and credit to the University ordinarily in the beginning of the academic term or at any time suitable to the college.


None of the PG students during the entire period of their PG studentship/studies will be allowed to take up any employment or to do any private practice. They will have to work as full time PG students in the respective departments.


The students who have been registered as postgraduate students would be required to pay regularly the prescribed fee due to the college before due date.


A candidate may be registered either for a postgraduate degree or diploma. The period of registration for postgraduate degree or diploma will end with the completion of the required terms. Simultaneous registration for PG degree / diploma in other subject shall not be permitted.
Every application for registration as postgraduate student of the University shall be:

  • filled up in the prescribed form
  • accompanied by the registration fee, supporting documents, etc and
  • submitted to the University, through the Dean or through the person so authorized by him within the time limit as may be indicated.