Community Extension

The Extension Programmes of the Mandal reflects the vision of its Founder Chairman to ensure that the Mandal’s mandate for health care does not remain confined to the hospital only, but is extended to the community as well.
Since its inception in 1978, the Charutar Arogya Mandal has taken a leading role in developing extension programmes, which are responsive, accessible and effective in health care delivery. It is the Mandal’s belief that better health care is an outcome of sustained education and awareness. Linkages within the organization as well as with like minded institutions outside has been developed and sustained to help & implement various health related, community-based projects. One such organization is the Tribhuvandas Foundation, Asia’s largest NGO in the field of Safe Motherhood and Infant Care for the districts of Anand and Kheda.
Keeping In line with its philosophy of holistic health and community development, the Mandal has initiated numerous community based Extension Programmes. The objectives of these programmes are to ensure that primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services are made easily accessible to all segments of our society and particularly those residing in villages. The Mandal believes that one way to combat preventable health problems and change harmful behavioral patterns is by educating individuals and communities about healthy practices, promoting healthy lifestyles, encouraging behaviours that prevent disease and by empowering communities to formulate local solutions to the problems they face. The Mandal has continued its efforts to adopt more interactive and attractive methods to convey health messages among the community. These programmes have been able to address the unmet health needs of the general population, and strengthen the Mandal’s ability to remain sensitive to the concerns of the population it serves.