The study of Anatomy begins in the first year of MBBS. The subjects taught in the department are Gross Anatomy including Surface & Sectional Anatomy, Histology, Embryology and Genetics.


Facilities available:

  • Dissection hall: It has well-lighted and ventilated dissection hall with 20 dissection tables. Adjoining room with tanks to store cadavers and cadaveric parts. Embalming room with a bone and meat cutting machine for sectioning cadavers.
  • Histology laboratory: It has tables with electric fittings, microscopic slides (most of them from human tissues) stained with hematoxylin and eosin, and some with special stains. There is an adjoining preparation room. The research laboratory has a trinocular microscope with an image analyser.
  • Museum: A well-maintained museum having both wet and dry specimens is there. The wet specimens are displayed regionwise and include gross anatomy and embryology specimens. Also on display are articulated skeletons, disarticulated bones, radiographs, models and charts.
  • Departmental library and seminar room: The library has a good collection of books.
  • Bone collection: The bones are issued for study purpose within the department.
  • Intranet facilities: Intranet facilities are utilised for teaching learning process. 

Departmental activities:

  • Teaching First year MBBS, BPT and BSc (MLT) students
  • Post graduate course in Anatomy leading to MS (Anatomy).
  • Dr. Praveen R Singh
    Professor & HOD
  • Dr Sumati
  • Dr Mehul R Tandel
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Daxa P Kanjiya
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr Neeraj Vedi
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr Jaykumar Contractor
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr Bhavika Panchal
    Assistant Professor