Dental & Implant Surgery

The Department of Dental and Implant Surgery provides following services in a state-of-the-art setting at affordable rates:


  • Oral Surgery (Disimpactions, Trauma, Benign Cysts and Tumours)
  • Prosthodontics (Complete and Partial, Fixed and Removable Dentures, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Maxillofacial Prosthesis)
  • Dental Implant surgery
  • Smile Make-over
  • Periodontal surgeries
  • Orthodontic treatment (Fixed and Removable)
  • General Dentistry (Esthetic fillings, Root Canals, Extraction, Scaling, Reimplantation).

The Department emphasizes on rational clinical practices. The Extension Centers at Agas, Petlad, Bhadran and Sevaliya are equipped for General Dentistry work. Traineeship (Stipendary/Non-stipendary) for 3 months including 6-days module are also offered to empower the interested candidates in comprehensive care in Oral Surgery, Prosthodontia and Endodontia. A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course.

  • Dr Swati Sathaye
    Professor & HOD
  • Dr Ushma Prajapati
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr Kamal Hot Chandani
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr Alap Prajapati
    Associate Professor
  • Dr Sindhu R Dodamani
  • Dr Nikita S Gupta
  • Dr Mrinal Patel