The Department of Pharmacology aims to inculcate a rational and scientific basis of therapeutics and  promote the use of essential drugs and Rational Drug Therapy. The students at any level become proficient in various aspects of drugs and should acquire skills in Rational Prescribing. The department is involved in teaching various courses, viz, MBBS, MD (Pharmacology), BPT, MPharm (Clinical Pharmacy) and PhD in Pharmacology. The departmental staffs are also engaged in teaching Bioethics at the level of MBBS, Post Graduate Medical Courses and Medical Laboratory Technology Course of SP University.


The Department has two laboratories for undergraduate teaching, a postgraduate laboratory and a research laboratory along with a clinical pharmacology unit - all of which are fully equipped for experimental pharmacology and research activities. Though the Department is primarily involved in teaching and research activities, the faculty also actively participate in the activities of the hospital pharmacy, medicine bank, human research, ethics committee, institutional animal ethics committee, medical education unit and community extension. The Department is also a peripheral centre of National Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (a Government of India undertaking) - one of the 24 centres across India and one of the only 2 in Gujarat. The Department is committed to the promotion of essential medicines and rational use of medicines in clinical practice, which is well reflected in all its activities, teaching and research programme. The departmental museum is also developed on the essential medicines concept of the WHO. The manual of practical pharmacology developed by the faculty for MBBS students is well-acclaimed. A well-structured teaching programme is astutely followed. Faculty and post graduate students of the department present and publish several research papers at the state, national and international level. Faculty are also involved in guiding undergraduate students in ICMR Short Term Training program.