The Department of Psychiatry provides clinical outdoor service and indoor admissions for indicated patients. There are services provided in the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry to the other departments in the Hospital. .


In community outreach programs the Department runs the “Tobacco Cessation Program” funded by the WHO in collaboration with the DEpartment of  ENT since 2001. Now it has been recognized as a Nodal Centre for training other centers.


The consultants from the Department visit the centers adopted the CAM. They also act as visiting faculty in different colleges under the Charutar Vidya Mandal. The services given by the Department include addressing Adult Psychiatric disorders, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Geriatric Psychiatry, Psycho-sexual disorders and De-addiction services.


The Department plays an active role in helping school and college students to deal with exam stress and has started a help line for the same. The Department is well-equipped to carry out test for the IQ measurement and assessment of personality problems of patients. Facilities like ECT and EEG is routinely carried out here. The Department also runs Child guidance clinic, Memory clinic and Psycho-sexual disorders clinic. The faculty at the department is actively involved in research.

  • Dr Himanshu Sharma
    Professor & HOD
  • Dr Anusha M C Prabhakaran
    Asso. Professor
  • Dr Jagdish R Varma
    Asso. Professor
  • Dr Nisheet M Patel
    Senior Resident