Respiratory Medicine

The Department of Respiratory Medicine diagnoses and treats patients of tuberculosis in accordance with the Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP), under which investigations and treatment are given are free of cost to the patients. The Department is actively involved in the activities related to RNTCP at State and National level. Camps are being conducted regularly at Sakkarpura, Khambat for patients of silicosis. The Department has a well-established pulmonary function test laboratory (PFT lab). With the availability of a portable spirometry machine the service is also avilable at various subcentres of the Hospital – Petlad, Shree Krishna Health Centre, Khambhat and also on the bedside for critically ill patients. Additionally the Department is equipped with a flexible Fiber-optic Video Bronchoscope, the use of which has helped in the diagnosis of many a cancer patients. The Department is well-staffed with senior and experienced faculty. There 40 beds with indoor facilities which include ICU beds for critically ill patients. There is an equal emphasis on UG and PG teaching.