Health Checkup Programme


Hello Health check-up is true to its name. It checks you and your lifestyle thereby assessing the risk of silent killer diseases such as diabetes, cardiac and respiratory ailments. So health assessment is designed to give you an idea about how your current lifestyle may be affecting your health and well-being. The reports generated after completing the assessment tell you your personal risk for diseases. It provides you with an insight or what these diseases are and how they affect your body. It also provides you with health behaviour, targets you should set for yourself to reduce your risk and improve your overall health.


We encourage you to undergo this health assessment at least twice a year to keep a close tab on your current health and lifestyle. We also encourage you to use these reports as a starting point for conversations with your health professionals, family members, or other health and well-being partner about changes you might make in lifestyle habits to improve your overall health.



• The time consumed for this check-up is approximately 8 hours.

• Tests required for further evaluation will be charged extra.

• The timings in the schedule are for representative purposes only.

• The timings are subject to variation if the number of registrations for the check-up is high on a particular day.

• The timings are subject to variation depending on the availability of consultants.

• It is preferable to take an advance appointment (24 hours or more).

• The reporting time is 08:30 hours.

• The patient is required to come to the hospital in a fasting condition (maintain an empty stomach from 10 pm onwards from the previous day). One is permitted to have water.

• Medications for diabetes may be taken at the usual time.

• Information about medications for hypertension should be provided two days in advance.

• The patients should present their previous medical records and routine medicines.

• Urine and stool samples should be brought in two separate clean containers. Empty containers may be collected from the reception at the time of appointment confirmation.

• Complimentary refreshments and lunch are provided during the course of the day.



Appointments can be sought for any of our health check-up plans on any of the working days:

Monday - Friday: Between 9 am and 5 pm

Saturday - Between 9 am and 1:30 pm

Dial: 02692-228666,228777


For more details, refer to the attached brochure