The scheme offers the following unique features to its members:

  • Membership on easy installment basis

  • Subsidized membership to BPL families, encouraging them to join Krupa

  • Coverage of outpatient services free of cost without any additional fees - a unique feature of the scheme.

  • Inclusion of pre-existing conditions

  • Maternity benefits on completion of 10 months of Krupa membership without any additional charges

  • Krupa accepts food grains in lieu of cash from persons who belong to special categories like land-less laborers, small and marginal farmers. For example, 10 kg of Bajara would offer a cover of Rs.5000/year for an individual.

  • Introductory discount of 10%, on coverage of entire family.

  • 25% concession on the diagnostic services during outpatient consultations.

  • 10% concession on the Ambulance services and health check up packages.

  • 5% discount on the medicines purchased from the Pharmacy of Shree Krishna Hospital.

  • In case of non-utilization of inpatient services of KAS during the first membership period, no claim bonus in form of 10% increase in the inpatient coverage limit is offered to the members, for a maximum period of two years.

  • A grace period of one month for renewals.