Plan Your Visit

Step 1

Seek Information: Send scan copies of medical reports at

Step 2

Review of Medical reports: Concerned team of doctors will review the reports and will suggest appropriate plan of management.

Step 3

You will get a Quote: Information on plan of management, stay, approximate treatment cost and other details.

Step 4

Finalize your plan: Based on various options decide the plan of management and intimate us.

Step 5

Pre- travel information: Email us your final travel plan along with copies of travel itinerary for logistic arrangement.

Step 6

Arrival in India:- Our representative will receive you at the airport. To make your visit/stay peaceful and comfortable you need to carry following documents for each individual:

1) 5 Passport size photographs (patient and accompanying family members)

2) Letter from the hospital showing purpose of visit.

3) All the previous medical reports and records of treatment taken/

4) 5 set of passport photocopies (First Page (consisting of personal details) and visa page (valid visa stating the purpose of the visit)

5) Proof of residential address with contact details of patient's origin country.

Step 7

Arrival at Hospital

1) All stable patients would be provided with an air-conditioned accommodation within the hospital camps and would be taken for consultation with treating doctors for treatment plan of management as advised.

2) Patient with anxiety and unstable physical vitals would be straight taken to Trauma & Emergency centre for immediate attention and care.

Step 8

Treatment: The treating consultant would attend the patient and will start the treatment as per the plan of management and patient would be continuously updated with every aspect of treatment

Step 9

Returning Back: All the necessary assistance would be provided to make your return journey smooth and memorable.

Step 10

Post Discharge Follow Up: Necessary assistance/follow up advised can be sought through email