Critical Care

Shree Krishna Hospital is an ideal destination for comprehensive critical care services with various ICUs and Intermediate Care Units for Medical, Surgical, Neonatal, Paediatric and Cardiac interventions, totalling to 86 such beds. Medical ICU deals with all cases of emergency seen by the Department of Medicine including the cases of stroke, COPD, Severe sepsis and poisoning. Surgical ICU caters to critically ill patients of Head injuries, Spine injuries, Polytrauma, Abdominal sepsis, Post-operative Septicemia, Post-operative Pneumonitis and ARDS, Cellulitis, Post-op cases of major surgeries like Aneurysm, Whipple’s procedure, THE etc. Case input from various departments include, General surgery, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ENT surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic surgery, Opthalmology, Oncosurgery, Urosurgery. Neonatal ICU deals with all the sick new-born patients including the premature and low-birth cases. Paediatric ICU takes care of emergencies related to children. Well-equipped Trauma Care Centre and Mobile Cardiac Ambulance Unit support the Critical Care facilities. Cardiac ICU deals with case of heart attacks and other cardiac emergencies.

All the ICUs have started maintaining quality indicators approved by NABH which have definitely aided in improving the quality of critical care that these ICUs provide. The facilities and services offered at these ICUs are unique not only because similar facilities are not available anywhere in the vicinity, but also because these are most reasonably priced which makes it possible for everyone to avail their services.


Another feather in the cap of Critical Care Services has been added with the initiation of screening of new-borns in the Neonatal ICU for detecting the possibility of occurrence of any genetic disease to the infant in the future.

Important Contacts:

Emergency Helpline:

02692 - 228100


02692 - 228411, 228412

Help Desk:

02692 - 228311

Hello Health:

02692 - 228310

Privilege Day Care/

Super specialty:

02692 - 228410

Cancer Centre:

02692 - 228264

Cardiac Centre:

02692 - 228671, 228672, 228673