Dietary Services

The Dietary and Kitchen Services provide a sense of comfort for those taking treatment at indoor level. The food provided is not only hygienic but also as per the nutritional requirements of the patients admitted. The services are run and managed by professional staff well-versed in the art of Hotel Management. Moreover, greater accountability has been established and regular feedback of customers is obtained in order to constantly improve the food offered to them. The group has started nutritional screening of all patients on a daily basis, with a diet then provided as per individual requirement. This is helpful to patients who recuperate in stages, each involving different dietary care. The dietary services group also works constantly towards creating nutritional awareness. In order to further bolster this commitment a number of activities are constantly executed such as celebrating World Food Day, Nutrition Week by way of educating Aanganwadi workers/ social workers from communities nearby, organizing talks on the topics related to life style modification, competitions on recipe-making, poster-making, etc. All these practices are scaling new heights in making the services offered more customer-friendly.

Important Contacts:

Emergency Helpline:

02692 - 228100


02692 - 228411, 228412

Help Desk:

02692 - 228311

Hello Health:

02692 - 228310

Privilege Day Care/

Super specialty:

02692 - 228410

Cancer Centre:

02692 - 228264

Cardiac Centre:

02692 - 228671, 228672, 228673