General Services

The General Services vertical aims at providing quality care to patients, ensuring satisfaction which ultimately results in meeting the expectations of the community for which this hospital came into existence. No registration or consultation charges are taken for the General OPD services. By making the consultations free, patients coming from humble backgrounds have been provided an opportunity to receive competent medical care. The General OPD services claim a major portion of our outdoor services. It witnesses an inflow of more than 1000 patients daily. Nearly 60% of admissions for the indoor services are from General OPDs. The patients are also helped by the presence of Medical Transcriptionists whose presence ensures systematic and timely availability of discharge summaries and cards. Ward Secretaries guide and counsel the patients who have been admitted and most importantly, they are a source of emotional support to the ailing patients and their relatives.

Important Contacts:

Emergency Helpline:

02692 - 228100


02692 - 228411, 228412

Help Desk:

02692 - 228311

Hello Health:

02692 - 228310

Privilege Day Care/

Super specialty:

02692 - 228410

Cancer Centre:

02692 - 228264

Cardiac Centre:

02692 - 228671, 228672, 228673